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Our Books


You’ve Got It All Wrong



Druggie. Loser. Boozer. Dropout. Runaway. Delinquent. Slut.

Labels can hurt and destroy—as the teen authors of this powerful true story collection know all too well. But are they true? Would you still think the same if you knew the challenges and circumstances these “labeled” teens have faced?

In You’ve Got It All Wrong, twenty-one teenagers take readers into their lives as they struggle with homelessness, abandonment, death, addiction, abuse, and peer pressure. Through their narratives, they share the circumstances they faced and the decisions they made during their darkest hours. By revisiting their past and sharing their stories, these high school students are taking charge of their futures in a positive, powerful way. They are also reaching out to other teens to remind them that they aren’t alone and that labels do not define who they are.

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We Are Absolutely Not Okay: Fourteen Stories by Teenagers Who Are Picking Up The Pieces


WeAreAbsolutelyNotOkayCOVERImagine being asked to pull a gun on a stranger. Or having a gun shoved in your face by the man you call stepdad. Envision feeling so depressed you cut yourself repeatedly or down a bottle of pills to make the pain go away. Consider what it takes to tell your parents that you are transgender, or what it feels like to have the dad you love addicted to meth.

We Are Absolutely Not Okay is a collection of true stories written by fourteen teenagers who have experienced life at its darkest but have made it through and are now picking up the pieces. By writing and sharing their stories, they are coping with their past and seizing their future. They are also reaching out to other teenagers—to let them know that they are not alone and that even if their life now is Absolutely Not Okay, they have the power within themselves to make it better.

 What Reviewers Are Saying:

An interesting thing happens when you take 14 troubled teens and help them write their stories: Slowly but surely, fear and despair are transformed into empowerment and hope.” -Readers Digest Recommends

 ALL PROCEEDS Help Fund the Scriber Writing/Publishing Program

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Broken Mirrors – By Jasmine Gifford


In this collection of revealing true stories and poems, an eighteen-year-old girl recalls her most vivid, closely held memories from childhood through her teenage years.

Through writing this powerful combination of sometimes humorous, other times painful stories, she discovers an outlet to cope with her past, her friends, family, and herself, which in turn helps her become more hopeful for her future. She shares the self-images she’s had throughout all the stages in her life–the reflections of broken mirrors.

What Reviewers Are Saying: 

I am beside myself that such a young person could write like this. She reminds the reader that the soul of a (all too grown up) child is precious and needs care, attention, notice. Do read it.” Amazon Reviewer – Liza Behrendt

 EBook available for only $1.99 on Amazon!